Our Services: Rent Guaranteed and Portfolio Reviews

Rent Guaranteed Property Management

We provide a real hands off solution to landlords with our full management and  Rent Guaranteed in Leeds and surrounded areas . 

  • We pay the landlord a guarantee monthly fee => No more voids.

  • We take over all aspects of tenant management and contractually guarantee any and all tenant damage to the property => No more tenant management or damages to worry about.

  • We take care of normal maintenance and repairs to the property, including annual gas safety certificates => No more payments for normal maintenance and repairs.

  • We return the property in the same condition or better => Your asset is protected

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Property Portfolio Reviews for Investors

canipWe provide property investors in the whole UK with  one off or regular reviews of their property portfolio to assess the performance of their property investments.  

We will assess from compliance to current legislation to their current property value, including rental and identify the growth opportunities  as well as the properties which are less profitable. 

A clear view of the performance of your portfolio is a must-have tool for any property investor, specially in times when changes in the law and the taxes have a direct impact on property investments.

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